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  • Trafficking of Children and Youth: Addresses laws that that involve minors in human trafficking.
  • Labor Trafficking Crimes: Addresses laws that provide criminal penalties for labor trafficking or laws that expressly address antilabor trafficking efforts.
  • Sex Trafficking Crimes: Addresses laws that provide criminal penalties for sex trafficking or laws that expressly address anti-sex trafficking efforts.
  • Services and Protections for Trafficking Survivors: Addresses laws that provide services to survivors of trafficking crimes.
  • Judicial Options for Survivors: Addresses laws that provide survivors of trafficking crimes with judicial protections or options. Laws include prosecutorial immunity, affirmative defenses and civil standing.
  • Purchasers: Addresses laws that provide criminal penalties or diversion programs for those who purchase commercial sex involving trafficked persons.
  • Business Regulations and Licensing: Addresses laws that regulate businesses, establish licensing standards, or requires private sector training related to human trafficking.
  • Prevention and Awareness: Addresses laws concerning the human trafficking hotline, proclamations of awareness and public sector training requirements.
  • Coordination/Study of Trafficking Efforts: Addresses laws that create study groups, coordinating committees or pilot programs. Includes any law that charges a state entity with responsibilities related to trafficking.
  • Child Welfare Administration: Addresses laws related to the intersection of human trafficking and child welfare populations and agencies
  • Funding, Fines and Appropriations: Addresses laws that provide appropriations for antitrafficking efforts, establishes a fine for trafficking crimes, creates or amends funds for antitrafficking efforts or services, or sets forfeiture procedures for assets involved in trafficking crimes.
  • Miscellaneous: Addresses miscellaneous categories, including laws that include trafficking crimes in sex offender registration requirements and laws that prohibit the release of public records concerning trafficking survivors.

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