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Medical Illustrations
of Abortion Procedures

Suction Curettage Abortion: Description and Diagrams

D&E (Dilatation and Evacuation) Abortion: Description and Diagrams

A nurse comments
on the benefit of using these diagrams in a Pregnancy Care Center

Abortion Diagrams

Photos of
some of the tools used in abortion.

“Out of all the video
games I have played and all the movies I have ever seen, I have never seen
anything more violent than the pictures of these aborted babies.” Chris Daly
Age: 19 Orlando, Florida

Baby Body Parts

Priests for Life has known for
some time of the grisly trade in baby parts taking place in abortion facilities
throughout the nation. Through the efforts of our friends at Life Dynamics,
Inc., the details of this trade have come to light. You may obtain from Life
Dynamics (1-800-401-6494) copies of the actual order forms used. Some of the
forms request that there be no abnormalities. Many mistakenly think that
abortions in later stages of pregnancy are performed only in cases of fetal

Fetal tissue wholesalers are companies which place employees in abortion clinics
to harvest tissue, limbs, organs, etc. from aborted babies. This material is
then shipped to researchers working for universities, pharmaceutical companies
and government agencies. Although it is against federal law to sell human tissue
or body parts, these organizations have devised a system to circumvent this
restriction. Technically, all fetal material they harvest is “donated” to them
by the clinics. However, they do pay a “site fee” to the clinics for the right
to access the tissue. The tissue is then “donated” to the researchers who in
turn pay the wholesalers for the cost of retrieval. Profit is realized by the
wholesalers’ ability to set their own retrieval fees.

See order forms for baby body parts in PDF format
[One] [Two]
[Three] [Four]

Bishop Povish comments on the Graphic image project (July 2001)

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