Corporal punishment of children — spanking

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Conflicting quotations about spanking children:

  • “Regardless of governmental laws, God’s law
    states that spanking is necessary for the proper development of a child.”
    La Vista Church of Christ, Omaha NE. 1

  • “Join other activists in a demonstration
    at the U.S. Capitol Building for the immediate banning of assault and battery
    with a dangerous weapon, also known as ‘corporal punishment,’ in U.S. Public
    Schools.” An invitation, years ago, by “Parents and Teachers Against Violence in
    .” 2

  • During early 2015, at one of Pope Francis’ general audiences, a father admitted smaking his child, “… but never in the face so as to not humiliate them.” The Pope described the man’s comment as “beautiful,” adding: “He knows the sense of dignity! He has to punish them but does it justly and moves on.”

    Verena Herb, a spokesperson at Germany’s Families Ministry, reacted, saying: “there can be no dignified hitting. … there must be no misunderstanding here, because any form of violence against children is completely unacceptable.” 3

  • “Regardless of governmental laws, God’s law
    states that spanking is necessary for the proper development of a child.”
    La Vista Church of Christ, Omaha NE. 1

  • “Nobody is saying that if you’re spanked, you’re going to be violent. But what it does mean is that the more often you’re spanked the fewer opportunities you have to learn a way of dealing with conflict that doesn’t involve aggression. The more times a child is hit, the stronger that relationship becomes.” Professor Joan Durrant. 4

The stakes over spanking children are extremely high:

The trend in the United States for the past two decades has been to
corporal punishment (spanking) in favor of increased use of alternate discipline methods — e.g.
logical consequences, natural consequences, time-outs, or withdraw of privileges.

If this trend continues, and:

Unfortunately, neither side in the conflict trusts each other’s studies and
data. Also, there appears to be little or no dialogue happening between the two sides. So we are probably going to have to sit back and simply observe the
long-term effects of the reduction in corporal punishment.

This brings to mind the famous Chinese wish: “May you live in interesting

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

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