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Dawn York-Bentley of St. Paul laughs while getting ready to start the ride from Juxtaposition Arts.

Rolling slow through Minneapolis

Slow Roll MPLS is hosting a bike ride from Juxtaposition Arts to the Upper Harbor Terminal development. It’s an exploration of the routes along the Mississippi, in support of biking in the cities.

The Rock Cats performed Thursday night. On the left was St. Clawed, on guitar, Asti on drums and Nue on keys.

High-flying felines take over Heart of the Beast Theater

The Amazing Acro-Cats, featuring Tuna and the Rock Cats, performed Thursday night at In the Heart of the Beast Theater in Minneapolis. The one-of-a-kind show, featuring acrobatics and a musical performance by cats, will have a limited run through Sunday, August 18. Chief Executive Human Samantha Martin, who runs the show, travels the country with about twenty cat performers hoping to promote rescue, foster and adoption with her cat variety show.


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